Selling Your House in Dallas To A “We Buy Houses” Company – FAQ’S

Frequently Asked Questions To Sell Your House?

Need To Sell Your House?

Need to Sell your home in Dallas? Below is a list of most commonly asked questions on about to Sell to a “we buy houses” company. If your question is not listed, please feel free to call us at (469) 287-6805 or fill in the contact us form below, and we will try to answer any and all questions you may have to Sell as soon as possible!

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What are the various charges I will be paying to hire your services?

Here’s a promise that we will make you. When you sell your house to us, you will not spend even a penny out of your pocket.

No commissions. No fees. No listing charges. No paperwork costs. No closing costs. No hidden charges of any kind. Nothing.

The traditional house-selling process involves you paying listing fees, agent fees, and whatnot, and none of them takes any responsibility if they cannot sell your house. We are not like them. We don’t charge you anything. Instead, we pay you the fair price for your house, In cash.

How do your services work?

It’s simple – we buy your house fast.

You reach us and schedule an appointment at your property’s address. We’ll then offer you a tentative quote within a few minutes. Then, we arrive at your house for the consultation, inspect your house, understand its condition, calculate the kind of repairs or renovations that it needs, and then present you a fair cash offer for your house.

If you like the price, you can choose the closing date, and we’ll close the deal at your chosen date. You’ll receive all the money in cash at the time of closing.

You say you buy a house in any condition. What will you do with my house?

We are a team of experienced real estate professionals and investors who have an extensive network of real investors with deep pockets. Together with them, we buy houses in Dallas County, spruce them up by repairing and renovating them, and then put back in the market.

Once again, our extensive network helps us find the right home buyer quickly, without having to wait for months together. Thus, we do not incur the costs that individual homeowners have to when selling their house, thanks to the short waiting period from the time we put up the property for sale to the date of purchase.

Why should we choose Ametros?

For starters, our services come with no obligation. If you don’t like our quote, you don’t sell your house. So, it doesn’t hurt to try us, does it?

The real reason why you should choose us is that we are fast, fair, and free. We don’t charge you for selling your property. We purchase your house as quickly as you like at a price that is fair to you and us. What more do you need?

How many real estate agents do you know that can promise that they will sell your Dallas house in 7 days, 15 days, or 60 days? We promise you that we’ll buy your house within a time of your choosing, which can often be as less as 7 days.

Lastly, we won’t make you jump through the hoops. You don’t have to tidy up your house, entertain prospects, spend on sprucing up the property, or do anything else. We’ll buy your house in “as-is” condition, no matter how it looks. You don’t even have to clean your property when you move out. We will take care of everything.

How soon can you bring me buyers, if I choose your company?


When you work with Ametros, you don’t have to wait for prospective home buyers to visit your house, nitpick the flaws in your beloved home, and reject it on a routine basis. There is no waiting period. You let us know when you want to sell your Dallas property, and we’ll be there, along with our cash offer for your house. We even close the deal on the day of your choosing.

Do you buy houses in my city? How soon can you be here?

We buy houses in Dallas County, which includes the following cities – Addison, Balch Springs, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Coppell, Dallas, Desoto, Duncanville, Garland, Grand Prairie, Hutchins, Irving, Lancaster, Mesquite, Richardson, Rowlett, Sachse, Seagoville, Sunnyvale, and Wilmer.

We’ll be there as soon as you need us. Call us and schedule your appointment today.

What are my obligations? What do you need me to do once I share my property details with you?

Nothing! You do not have to do anything once you share your property details. From evaluating the value of your property to preparing all the paperwork for the purchase, we’ll take care of it all. If there is a lien, mortgage, judgement, or some other liability on the house, additional documentation or assistance might be required from your side. If there’s no liability on your house, then we’ll handle everything right from the start to the very end, including the closing costs.

How are the payments made? How long do I have to wait?

There will be only one payment, fully made in cash at the time of closing the deal. We’ll not divide the payments into multiple small payments or require you to wait for receiving your own money. You receive everything in one go, right at the moment of closing.

How do you calculate the price for my property?

We first determine the market value of your property. Then, we consider the various renovations and repairs required to tune up your house to make it market-worthy. The value of the property will be reduced by the amount of the expenses required. The resulting value is the fair price of your house. That’s what we offer for your house, and that’s what we pay you if you sell your home to us. Not a dollar less.

I’m not sure whether I should sell my house. How do I decide? Can you help?

We founded Ametros to help people who are in distress and are unable to sell their house. So, our primary objective is to make sure that you overcome your challenges in the right way. That’s why, we not only purchase houses but also offer a free consultation to our clients on what is the right course of action for them. We offer them the right information and guidance they need to arrive at a decision that makes the best sense to them.

Selling your home is not always the only solution. When it is, we are your best choice.

My house is in dilapidated condition and has been neglected for years. Will you still buy it?

Of course. We buy houses in Dallas county, in any condition, irrespective of whether their paint is peeling off, they look foreboding, are unmaintained, or even if their roofs have caved in. It doesn’t matter what condition your house is in. We’ll buy it.

My house has a Mortgage / Lien / Outstanding Taxes / Judgement that needs to be paid, but I am unable to pay them. How can you help?

We do purchase houses that still have a Mortgage / Lien / Outstanding Taxes / Judgement. We will make the payments towards these liabilities on your behalf and free your house from them.

However, the cash offer that we make you will be reduced by the outstanding amount payable towards these liabilities.

Do you buy properties other than houses?

Yes. We buy a wide variety of properties, including condos, apartments, townhouses, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, and some commercial properties as well.

To know whether we are interested in purchasing your house fast, give us a call. Our representative will be able to provide you with a more accurate answer, with details

I have a mobile home. Do you purchase it?

No. We do not buy mobile homes.

Will you buy my Dallas house even if a tenant is living there?

Yes. We will buy your house fast even if a tenant is living there. We will figure out an arrangement and terms that will be suitable for you, us, as well as the tenants.

Do you need me to provide you with photos, videos, or walkthroughs of my house?

A big NO! The days of you struggling to sell your house are a thing of the past. You don’t have to run around hiring photographers to capture high-quality photos, produce attractive videos, or create detailed walkthroughs.

All we request from you is the address of your house during our first interaction, so that we can visit you at your property and inspect the property in person. We won’t make you jump through the hoops to sell your own property.

What are the disadvantages of selling my house to you?

The only disadvantage of selling your home to us is that you won’t get the highest possible offer for your house. To get the highest possible offer on your house, you must first repair your house to perfection, get brand-new appliances, redo the flooring, redo the roofs, and turn your house into a brand-new property. Then, promote your property like nobody else is doing with high-quality photos, videos, and walkthroughs by hiring a professional agency. If you do everything correctly, you “might” find a homebuyer that pays the top dollar. Of course, then you’ll be paying agent commissions, listing fees, closing costs, and whatnot, which essentially makes your offer just a smaller offer in disguise.

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