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How Our Direct Offer Works?

Our process makes it easy to sell your house fast with our offer! We get straight to the point, providing you with a direct offer and helping you in any way we can. Our team thrives on helping homeowners find solutions to their real estate problems. In 3 Easy Steps, find out how easy selling your house can be with Ametros!

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We Move Mountains to Make Your Home Sales Experience Fast and Simple

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We do not charge you any fees. The responsibility is completely ours.

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ZERO Commissions

Whether you sell your Dallas house to us or not, we do not charge you any commissions.

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ZERO Waiting Time

With us, you never wait! You decide the date, and we buy your house fast. Simple.

ZERO Expenses

No repair costs, no renovation costs, no appraisal costs, and no closing costs.

We Purchase Houses in Any Condition, But Our Offers Are Based on Perfect Condition Houses.

Confused? Let us explain.

1. Determine Perfect Condition Value

We inspect your house and get a thorough understanding of its present condition. We determine its market value when it’s all fixed up, repaired, renovated, and fitted with appliances. We compare prices of properties that are similar to yours in your neighborhood to arrive at the highest market value for selling your property.

2. Determine the Costs

Once we know the extent of repairs, renovations, and upgrades your house desperately needs, we calculate the value of all these expenses. We also determine the various potential costs involved in selling your home, such as real estate agent fees, closing costs, taxes, utility bills, holding costs, and so on. In short, we identify and quantify all the costs that we incur from the time we buy the house to the point of selling the house.

3. Determine Your Fair Cash Offer

We remove all the costs we determined in the previous step from the After-Repair Market Value of your house in order to arrive at the fair value. As we work with plumbers, electricians, furniture suppliers, appliance suppliers, and other contractors in wholesale, we get wholesale Selling prices, and we transfer the savings to you. So, the costs we reduce from the After-Repair Market Value for Selling are much lesser than what you’d incur on your own if you did all the repairs and renovations.

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How Fair? As Fair as Anyone Agrees!

Let’s say, you hire a real estate agent in Selling your Dallas house.

You have a house whose market value is $300,000. You hire a real estate agent in Selling it. They put your house on various real estate listing sites. You tidy up your house, clean it, perform some repairs, and make it look nice for potential home buyers. You or your agent will likely hire a professional to create high-quality photos, videos, and walkthroughs to attract the best offers from home buyers.

The costs of repair and the graphics easily set you back by $25,000 or even more. The agent will charge you a 6% commission, which will set you back by another $18,000. From there, it may take about 5-6 months for you to get the best offer on Selling your house. Worse case, you may not get any good offers at all. Even if you do get them, you incurred taxes and utility bills running into another few thousand dollars. All in all, let’s say the total costs of selling your property was $50,000. Now, you can wait 5-6 months to MAYBE get the best offer, only to end up with $250,000 in your hand after expenses, or sell it to us for $240,000 within just 7-10 days.

We save you time, hassle, and 5-6 months of stress!

What if your house does not get the best offers? Then, you will have already incurred costs on repairs, cleaning, graphics, utility costs, and taxes, which you will never recover. There is no guarantee that you’ll get the best price in Selling through the traditional house sales process. If you want to sell your house fast in Dallas, then we are your best option. Ametros offers you fair price guarantee, every single time! No surprises. No excuses.

That’s Great and Everything, But Why Not Other Fast Home Buyers? Because We Are The Fastest!

Most of the so-called “fast home buyers” in Dallas are just middlemen in disguise. Once they make you a cash offer, they start looking for actual clients who will buy your house. When they find a buyer, the actual sale happens, which can take multiple weeks.

On the other hand, we buy houses in Dallas with our money. We too work with real estate investors, but they are all ready, set, and good to go. They are eager to find properties in Dallas County, and if you have one, we’ll work with them to buy and sell before the end of next week, if you wish.

The best part? Our offers are the fairest, as we work with wholesale contractors to make the repairs. With Ametros, you get unbeatable offers on your house.

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