Testimonials (Ametros)

What People Talk About Us

The Greatest Pleasure In Our Line Of Work Is Reading The Heartfelt Expressions Of Gratitude We Receive From The Homeowners We Help.

Omeko was amazing. After my husband’s retirement, we decided to spend our retirement days near our son’s family in Austin. So, we were looking to sell our house and buy a new one in Austin. Ametros Home Buyers not only took care of all the paperwork but even gave the full sale amount in one lump sum. It was a perfect home sales experience for us, and we have already recommended them to all our friends.

  • Barbara Hawke

I inherited my elder brother’s house after he passed away last year. I did not have the money to repair it and put it up for rent. So, I just tried to sell it. After spending 2 months trying to impress interested home buyers, I was running out of cash in utility bills and ads fast. That’s when I decided to call Ametros Home Buyers, and these guys were swift. They took away the house and paid me in cash even before the week was over. I wish I had called them sooner. It would have saved me a lot of trouble and money.

  • Larry Harmon

When I contacted Ametros Home Buyers for the first time, it was after a frustrating 4 months of hunting buyers for my home with no avail. They told me that my house would be bought within a maximum of two weeks and gave me an instant cash offer. It sounded too good to be true. So, even when they finalized the deal and closed it in just 8 days, I couldn’t believe it had happened. These guys are quick.

  • Mile Brown

The thing that I appreciate the most about the staff at Ametros Home Buyers is how transparent and prompt they are with everything. Right from the very first call, they were very clear about the process, the terms, and their expectations from me. It was a smooth sail from there. They always received our calls and responded to our numerous queries patiently. I can’t thank them enough.

  • Jeryl Mathews

I live in Austin and recently inherited some properties in Irving. I couldn’t manage it or knew anyone to sell it for me. So, I contacted a few businesses and settled on Ametros Home Buyers as they gave the shortest deadline for selling my house. I had to visit Austin twice during the weekends and that’s all. My house was sold and I was richer by a few hundred thousand dollars, just like that. I love their speed and professionalism.

  • Amy Wright